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A Brief History of A.I.

A Brief History of A.I.

1950's: Computers process concepts as well as data; the first laboratories and conferences focusing on artificial intelligence are organized.

1960's: Advances include industrial robots; an expert system that maps the structure of complex chemicals; robot vision; and simple voice recognition.

1970's: Computers, learning from experience, evolve their own rules of behavior; language analyzers draw valid inferences from newspaper articles; and a computer becomes the world backgammon champion.

1980's: Fuzzy logic, a form of analysis based on assigning varying weight to data, is used by industry; expert systems expand rapidly; huge databases are used in a search for complex patterns in financial markets and the weather; and venture capital pours in as expectations outdistance performance.

1990's: Though the term is rarely used, artificial intelligence advances on every front -- including chess, with a computer for the first time beating the world champion.

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