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Bridging the Gap to Peace, by Deri Joy Ronis, Ph.D.

Bridging the Gap to Peace, from a New Way of Thinking Into Action

by Deri Joy Ronis, Ph.D.

Foreward by The Rt. Rev. William E. Swing,
Bishop, Episcopal Archdiocese of San Francisco

(excerpt) -- Deri Joy Ronis has kept her heart and mind focussed on the subjects of violence and peacemaking for many years. When you meet her in this book, you meet as well the panoply of luminaries with whom she has carried on an internal dialogue for decades. An evolution of thinking by numerous sources is represented so that there is logical progression from the despair of accepted to the thrilling possibility of a peace-dominated future. And many voices signal the progression, not just the author's... This book is a bright signpost along the way to peace - a rich encounter indeed.

Book Review by Robert Muller,
Chancellor Emeritus of the United Nations University for Peach in Costa Rica,
Former United Nations Assistant Secretary General

(excerpt) -- Despite all the knowledge and intelligence the human species has acquired, we are still saddled with active conflicts, record war casualties, and massive "defense" expenditures. The need for all of this to end is urgent because we are destroying the Earth and her nature. Instead, we must give utmost priority to restoring these things. An increase in peace will release resources from military and defense expenditures. Think also of the savings which can be obtained from the reduction or elimination of violence... By 2010, all wars must disappear from this planet, and hopefully, most violence too... This is a very important book. Please try it....

A Reflection by Elise Boulding,
Professor Emerita of Sociology - Dartmouth College, Former Secretary General of the International Peace Research Association

(excerpt) -- Deri Joy's gift to us is the path she opens up to lead us beyond frustration over the present state of the world toward creative peacebuilding action grounded in spiritual awareness... When you have finished reading this book, go hug a tree, and then go make peace with your neighbor...

Bridging The Gap to Peace: From a New Way of Thinking Into Action is a timely interdisciplinary approach to creating a culture of peace. Dr. Ronis' work in this field provides a forum for inspiring, educating and informing the reader about practical steps for the creation of a more peaceful society. Regardless of who you are, what you do, or where you live - if you have been wondering how to get from a confused world to a harmonious one, this book has the answers.

Book Price: $45.00

For more information or to obtain a copy of this book, contact Dr. Ronis at 561-573-9010 -- or you may Fax this page as an order form to 561-638-9935. Secure Online ordering is also available on the Web at or E-Mail:



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