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Update on "Colorblind" and "Colorlines"

On the weekend of April 1, 2001, Palm Beach Community College presented a student production called ColorBlind, a theatrical production of the Oral History of Palm Beach County residents of the Civil Rights era. Here's an update.

I have the total number of oral histories taken in my office and can get that number to you tomorrow. Over the summer we will forward the audiotapes and transcriptions to our campus library and the Amistad Research Center at Tulane University in New Orleans where they will be stored and available for research and informational purposes.

The head of our theatre program, Tony Tassa, and our campus equity officer, Ardease Johnson, are planning to meet in the next couple of months to discuss plans for reviving and re-working Colorblind for presentation next fall, possibly as part of the Duncan Theatre's schools series presentations. I think it would be good to have you participate in the meeting as well. Your community contacts and input could assist us into continuing the Color Line Project.

I would like to incorporate portions of Colorblind (either live or videotape) as part of a diversity training seminar that could developed through another one of our campus departments/outreach programs. There has been some interest from the director of the Florida Institute of Government with their organizational training seminars and I think this could be a nice tie-in and a way of keeping the project going.

As you may know, Colorblind was recommended to be presented at the local college theatre festival in the fall and was strongly recommended for presentation at the national theatre competition at the Kennedy Center in 2002.

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