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Concept Maps

We are getting a very strong sense that people hold very different views on racial subjects and seem to be at odds with each other. Yet often each view has some validity, some basis in truth. We're concluding that no single truth is sufficient and that there is value in integrating these realities.

We're beginning to work with these ideas using a technique developed in the 1970's called a "Concept Map". These attempts may not be addressing what you think are the most important issues. We'll welcome your ideas.

NASA Mars Concept Map & NYT article by James Fallows 4/17/05
U of West Florida, U of Illinois, NASA & SVG (scalable vector graphics)

Study Circle commencing 6/5/01 with Dr. Deri 6/ 5/01
The Race Matters Dialogue 
A Perspective on Healing and Cultural Identity 

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