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Content Policy

This portal began with information related to racial reconciliation. It seemed obvious that historical and current new information were very relevant, and that a broad sense of what "race" means was useful. Some scholars say that there is no scientific basis for race, but that it is a fabrication of humankind. So, whatever is called "race", we are treating as "race".

It also soon became evident that organizations affected by race oriented legislation have a place here, and that organizations dedicated to improving conditions for disenfranchised people belong here, especially since disenfranchisement has often been said to be a result of racial discrimination. Thus, community development corporations (CDC's) belong here.

Clearly, children are a special concern. Sometimes a story will not seem to be about race. Perhaps it is here to help us understand people who are affected by race. Religious perspectives belong here provided diversity is respected.

The spirit of this portal is one of free exchange with respect for diverse perspectives and beliefs. Any content which does not appear to respect this spirit should be reported to the WebSteward for possible removal. The discretion of the WebSteward and the RaceMatters Editorial Board will prevail in any dispute. Appeals will be considered when someone differs with the decision of the WebSteward and the RaceMatters Editorial Board.

Any content of this website which appears to be published material must be posted here in its entirety unless it is excerpted by its author or with permission of the author. This does not apply to quotes from published material which are presented as part of another document.

Generally, if content is published in general media we will initially assume that the reputation of the publisher is assurance of it being worthy of our presentation. If there are objections to the content, or if our later review warrants, it will be removed.

Sometimes a sensitive story will appear in our webpages and someone will want the other other side of the story to be presented. That is a reasonable request, provided both sides are presented in a factual, informative and reasonable way.

We need to find a way so that pages which speak a cause or which seek to convince are evident as such and not confused with news or other content which is intended to inform. Our policy on this will evolve. Our general tone is to be informative, not to be advocates.

This portal will operate like other portals in that content from other web sources or media will be cached for ease of indexing and to prevent its loss. Copyright, author and photographer credits and a hyperlink will be provided to the source site or document whereever possible. This policy will need to be developed further as we evolve. Perhaps we should routinely generate correspondence to any copyright holder asking permission. We need to get some expert help on this.

Lastly, this web portal is made possible by rapidly advancing technology. To help us keep abreast of it, we may include some material about the technologies that may help us.

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