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Some organizations in Dade County doing important work in valuing diversity

NCCJ, Jim Howe, 305-670-6438
American Jewish Congress, Jack Karako, 800-559-0137
American Jewish Committee, 305-670-1121
Community Relations Board, Dr. Larry Kapp, 305-375-5154
ADL, Art Titlebaum, 305-373-6306
Save Dade (gay & lesbian), Hedy Pena, 305-751-7283
Dade County disability coordinator, Dan Holder, 305-375-2013
SGI International USA (Buddhist, started in Japan), Cliff Sawyer, 954-349-5205
Zab Sang Institute (Tibetan Buddhist, Dalai Llama), Master Chufei Tsai (a Tai woman), 786-268-1548

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