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Dagara Elders Come to U.S. to Heal Slave Trade

The Dagara Peoples of West Africa are one of the few peoples left in Afrika who are still performing a form of Ancient burial rites for their people. For this reason, the Dagara peoples have been chosen to open a gateway by creating a sacred space to commemorate our Ancestors who died in the slave trade. By order of the Ancestors, the Dagara Peace Commission is conducting an international tour to perform the correct burial rites that will allow the spirits of those who died to be put to rest according to the customs and traditions of their original homelands.

For five years, the Dagara Peace Commission has been engaged in the process of healing the energy of slavery and colonialism among Afrikans in the diaspora. The Commission has just finished conducting its third annual Sanko Maafa in the United Kingdom, during which a group of Dagara Elders and Diviners traveled from their Afrikan villages to Europe. These Diviners performed divinations at each port where ships left for Afrika during the slave trade. As a result they discovered significant truths about the story of the slave trade that had been eliminated from the history books. This fall, the Dagara Peach Commission will be traveling along the Eastern Coast line of the United States. Divination will be the primary vehicle the Commission will use to communicate with the Ancestors to establish, through Divine Law, the healing process of our people inside the diaspora. This tour will be presented by Khanyisa Amoo - the Ambassador and Chief Diviner of the Dagara Peace Commission. She will be accompanied by a Dagara elder and an important diviner from KuKuru in Burkina Faso/Northern Ghana; also a translator and four junior members of the Commission.

They will travel to Atlanta on September 28-30th (hosted by the Institute for Divine Wisdom), and present a series of seminars at the Omenala-Griot Afrocentric Teaching Museum in the West End (337 Dargan Place, Atlanta, Georgia). Call the Institute for Divine Wisdom for more information (404-761-2205).

This information has been taken from the newsletter of the Institute for Divine Wisdom (August, 2001). The Director of the Institute is Lycurgus Muldrow, PhD.

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