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Delray Beach

This information on activity in Delray Beach was collected in 2001.

Hope for Hungry Children, Arriving in a Foil Packet 8/ 8/05Michael WinesNYT
African-American books draw diverse crowd 9/ 2/01Patty PensaSS
Museum honoring black educator opens in Delray 7/29/01John MurawskiPBP
Delray Puts Down Roots All Year 6/29/01 SS
Liaison tries to keep Haitians, schools connected 6/26/01Shannon ColavecchioPBP
Delray earns 2nd All America title 6/24/01Patty PensaSS
Delray Beach Academy 6/18/01 SS
Improve Delray Neighborhoods 6/10/01 SS
Free To Grow 5/19/01 SS
Haitian Flag Day 5/19/01 SS
Village Academy One Year 5/18/01 SS
Milagro Center 5/ 2/01  
Charter School in Delray Beach Begins Oral History Project 4/ 1/01  
Charles Ridley and Thomas Siccone 3/31/01  
Youth Enrichment Vocational Program 3/28/01  
Community Neighbors Helping 3/28/01  
Village Academy 3/28/01  
Village Academy gets principal from Belle Glade 3/21/01 SS
Spady Museum 3/13/01 SS
Wipe Out Racial Strife, Coalition Urges 9/28/00 SS
Crossing the Lines 6/19/00 SS
Haitian American Community Council, Inc. 0/ 0/00  
Haitian Facts 0/ 0/00  
Kids on Computers   
Workshop in Delray Beach by The People's Institute for Survival & Beyond   
Joseph Bernadel   

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