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The Dialogue to Action Initiative

This is a menu of the topics on this page (click on any): May 8, 2003: Hello, everyone!    HIGHLIGHTS    RESOURCES    IDEAS & INSPIRATION    November 7, 2001: To: All NCCJ Staff   .

The National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD) is a Coalition of organizations and individuals who are committed to strengthening and uniting the growing dialogue and deliberation community. NCDD's website, at, is an online resource center for organizers, facilitators, scholars and others who want to learn more about dialogue and deliberation or stay informed about what's happening throughout the field. Whether you are interested in running dialogues on race relations, addressing a contentious policy issue, resolving a long-running conflict, finding an effective way to build strong teams, or just learning more about deliberative democracy or intergroup dialogue, the resources and information on this website can help.

Here are two e-mails to help you understand their work.

May 8, 2003: Hello, everyone!

First of all, I want to encourage all of you who have used National Issues Forums to complete a quick survey which is at If you aren't familiar with NIF, you can go to to learn more about this important model and network.

We just added dozens of new resources, events and opportunities to the community section at (home of Dialogue to Action and the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation). We hope you find something that interests you.

On the main Community page (




I hope this message finds you well, despite these difficult times.

Warm regards,

Sandy Heierbacher
Convener, The National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD)

November 7, 2001: To: All NCCJ Staff

Subject: Resources For Dialogue Leaders On Current Crisis & More

The Dialogue to Action Initiative's November Community page focuses on some of the best resources out there for dialogue leaders, peacebuilders, educators and others who need to be informed and aware during this difficult time.

We've organized the links about the current crisis into four categories: Dialogue & Discussion, Educational Resources, Peace & Conflict Transformation, and Things You Can Do.

And of course, there are always other resources and events to keep you informed about: a new book about intergroup dialogue, new on-line peacebuilding and civil-rights resources, conferences on campus race relations, youth violence, and civic and multicultural education, and more!

And, dialogue practitioners, please remember to complete the survey about a possible national dialogue conference before November 15! It's at

The Community page is a regularly updated collection of news, resources, ideas and events of interest to leaders in the intergroup dialogue field. The Community page is part of the Dialogue to Action Initiative, a web-based project run by Sandy Heierbacher which connects and informs organizers, facilitators and researchers of dialogue. In addition to the Community page, the website also provides an extensive resources section, an email discussion list (now over 125 members strong!) info about organizing dialogues, enabling groups to move effectively from dialogue to community action.

Intergroup dialogue is a process which enables people from all walks of life to talk deeply and personally about some of the major issues and realities that divide them. Dialogues are being organized in communities across the country on such topics as race and racism, the current crisis, abortion, violence in schools and communities, and often involve people who represent groups that are in conflict. Dialogues are powerful, transformational experiences that lead to both personal and collaborative action.

Thank you,

Sandy Heierbacher
Coordinator, Dialogue to Action Initiative email:

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