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Dismantling Racism in Our Town

Approximately 50 people under the auspices of four churches in Boca Raton have now conducted two workshops (May 21 and August 13, 2005) on how we can work towards Dismantling Racism. Marjorie O'Sullivan moderated the second meeting which included talks by Dr. Arthur S. Evans on "The negative consequences of racism" and by John Martin III on "Crossing the Line... Into Service". With small group conversation, convened discussion, prayer and a visit to the Martin Luther King Memorial a set of ideas was expressed for specific action. Those ideas and the resources we drew upon are available below.

Next steps will be to meet in 3 private homes to develop 3 different ideas:

The third joint workshop is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, December 3.

These workshops were initiated by St. Joan of Arc Roman Catholic Church. These are the four churches providing leadership.

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