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People browsing our site are aided by all those who have visited before and helped evaluate our resources (or suggest resources not in our library). Each time someone visits a page, it will be easy for them to add their evaluation of it. A rating of 5 is the highest rating in our system; 1 is the lowest rating. Zero means it is not rated.

Criteria for evaluation of each resource might include the following. It will not be necessary to use all criteria. Any field for which data is entered will be used and any field left blank will be ignored.

  1. type of resource (see list below)
  2. date (date created or last modified or changed)
  3. length of description in our database (number of characters or words)
  4. relevance (relevance to racial reconciliation - rate 5-1)
  5. program value (ideas for developing our program - rate 5-1)
  6. innovation (newness, not seen elsewhere - rate 5-1)
  7. provenness (scale & support garnered - rate 5-1)
  8. inspiration (poetry, anecdotal stories - rate 5-1)
  9. warning (red washed-out color to warn of possibly objectional material - flag 1-0)

Types of resources might include the following.

In all cases, even where the resource is not available on our website, there will be a brief description and evaluation.

Our database must also identify the following:

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