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Fair Housing Center

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Fair Housing Center of The Greater Palm Beaches

The Fair Housing Center of the Greater Palm Beaches (FHC) is the first and only full service, community-based, non-profit fair housing organization in Palm Beach County history. The FHC works in partnership with the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to stop housing discrimination. Our mission is to ensure equal and affordable housing opportunities for all people by promoting culturally diverse communities through open housing and the elimination of all barriers to that goal. The FHC is a member of the National Fair Housing Alliance.

Services Provided by the FHC Private Enforcement Initiative

Private Enforcement provides complaint intake for allegations of housing discrimination and professional housing discrimination testing to develop sound evidence needed to substantiate complaints of alleged housing discrimination. This initiative provides legal support to victims of illegal housing practices by enlisting private law firms to contribute their services as FHC Cooperating Attorneys, on a contingency or pro bono basis, for litigation or settlement of discrimination cases. Provides referrals and continuum services. In addition, this initiative provides Testing Programs for lending institutions, real estate and rental management professionals.

Education & Outreach Initiative

Education and Outreach is designed to provide Housing Industry Providers, Public Housing Authorities and Community Development Corporations with the most current information and technical assistance necessary to fully comply with fair housing laws, consent decrees, enforcement agreements, Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) regulations and affirmative marketing requirements, for the elimination of institutional barriers to decent affordable housing.

Community and Civic Education Sessions are implemented to ensure that the general public, protected classes, new immigrants, traditionally underserved and disadvantaged groups become knowledgeable of fair housing laws and means available to seek legal redress. The FHC monitors the electronic/print media for compliance to advertising guidelines and implements mass media campaigns to provide public service announcements (PSA's), informative newspaper advertisements, and participates in television and radio talk forums. FHC Legal Community Seminars offer practitioners training in fair housing litigation skills.

Housing Counseling Initiative

Housing Counseling is designed to widen housing choices and support the promotion of culturally diverse and open communities, which is the heart of our democracy. The initiative provides information concerning Predatory Lending, and Affordable Housing opportunities through First Time Home Buyer Seminars, Rental Referrals, Mobility Counseling and continuum services.

1300 West Lantana Road Suite 200 Lantana Florida 33462
Phone: (561) 533-8717 Fax: (561) 533-8163 Western & South County :1-877-910-FAIR

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