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FAU Muslim Student Organization - Scholars' Night

Muslim Student Organization - 2nd Annual Scholars Night
Florida Atlantic University
April 21, 2001 at 6:00pm

Life Long Learning Auditorium, Boca Campus

The program scheduled to start at 6 PM and to end around 10:30 PM. There is no cost to attend this first-of-its-kind event where several scholars, heroes and heroines of humanity, in the fields of human development and multicultural education, medicine, and human rights will be sharing intellectual, cultural and religious, and humanitarian issues. This night will be dedicated to the current catastrophe in the world.

In a world of claimed human rights and animal protection, the human race faces the most devastating human rights transgression of weak nations, and the use of lethal weapons of mass destruction with silent world approval. The United Nations has yet to make any statements, let alone any resolutions, about this shameful sanctions and attacks on these small countries.

Scholars' Night is a night of intellectual gathering to educate the minds of our beloved citizens from all walks of life on diverse issues in cognition and human development, religious and cultural diversity, human rights, the world we live in, and many other significant issues one must be aware of in a world of chaos and order.

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