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Guatemalan-Mayan Multi-Cultural Program

Guatemalan-Maya Center, Inc. (The) ; Programs.Name: Guatemalan-Maya After School Program ; FirstName: Dr. Ruth ; LastName: Doran ; Title: Executive Director ; FirstName: Connie ; LastName: Barattini ; Title: Administrative Assistant Guatemalan-Mayan Multi-Cultural Program,
Guatemalan-Maya Center, Lake Worth, Florida.
Mr. Lucio M. Perez-Reynozo, former Executive Director (no longer there),
110 N. "F" Street,
Lake Worth, Florida 33460,

The following newspaper articles provide more information about the Guatemalan-Mayan people.
Hispanics Grow More Diverse (Sun-Sentinel, May 30, 2001)
It's not always "a Hispanic Thing" (Palm Beach Post, March 30, 2001)
Maya culture subsumed but not lost (Palm Beach Post, October 11, 2000)

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