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Summary of Stories Related to James Byrd

The illustration below includes 60 stories from the New York Times archives about the James Byrd death or which make reference to his death. These were selected from approximately 300 stories in the NYT archives which mention his name.

The purpose of this is to illustrate some generalized tools for presenting information. These tools can do a lot without labor intensive effort, and, in the hands of a researcher, can allow a great deal of work to be done quickly.

Let's imagine we have tens of thousands of "resources" in a multi-media database and we query it for "James Byrd" and come up with 60 items. How can our search engine present these 60 items in a way that is more interesting than presenting them as sequential text items arranged 10 per page, the traditional search engine result?

Let's imagine that a researcher gives our database a query and gets these 60 responses. Adrian's facility might list them in chronological order and allow the researcher to start dragging them around the page to achieve the groupings shown on this page. The researcher will have the ability to save that work and return to it later. Maybe once the researcher has dragged things around to create the groupings, Adrian's facility can structure the list and present only top level information. Later the researcher can click on any top level box to discover what has dropped to a subordinate level. (So far this sounds a lot like "ListView".)

There are some things that Adrian's facility can do to help that can be completely automated. For example, Adrians' facility can use colors to identify the type of resource or to show what criteria any given item rates highly on. Say, pick the criteria on which it rates most highly and give it the color for that criteria. "Comforting/inspiring" can be purple. "Program value" can be royal blue. "Data" or "informative" can be black. Also, the width of the line can be an indicator of the amount of material. Thick line means lots of information. Thin line means few characters of information. These choices can be expressed in a global variable so the researcher can revise them to suit his purposes.

James Byrd's death
nytarchjb161 ar2 1 19980610 5178 Black Man Fatally Dragged In a Possible Racial Killing
nytarchjb162 ag1 2 19980611 1347 Town Expresses Sadness And Horror Over Slaying
nytarchjb163 ag3 1 19980613 9603 A Life Marked by Troubles, but Not by Hatred

memorial service & plea for racial healing
nytarchjb164 bb2 1 19980614 5718 Speakers Stress Racial Healing At Service for Dragging Victim

nytarchjb165 cb1 2 19980614 1318 Race, Memory and Justice
nytarchjb166 cb1 2 19980614 1066 Mourning a Victim of Race Hate

copycat killing in Illinois
nytarchjb167 dr1 2 19980614 1366 National News Briefs; Police in Illinois Inquire Into Copycat Racial Case

copycat killing in Louisiana
nytarchjb169 er1 1 19980615 2081 A Third Car-Dragging Incident Is Reported

preparation for trial
nytarchjb170 fk3 1 19980617 9317 Unfathomable Crime, Unlikely Figure

response from the Ku Klux Klan
nytarchjb171 gr3 1 19980628 8037 In Wake of Texas Killing, Black Militants and Klan Trade Words, Not Blows

3 indictments
nytarchjb172 fk1 2 19980707 1320 3 Indicted in Texas Killing

mimics in blackface in New York
nytarchjb173 hr3 1 19980911 9262 Officers and Firemen Wore Blackface on Float, Officials Say
nytarchjb174 hk1 2 19980912 1363 City Suspends Three Workers In Racial Float
nytarchjb175 hy1 2 19980913 1386 Suspended Police Officer Apologizes, Calling Float 'a Big Mistake'
nytarchjb176 hy1 2 19980914 1315 A Sick Tradition
nytarchjb177 hy1 2 19980916 1376 Giuliani Faces Depositions Over Remarks After Parade
nytarchjb178 hy1 2 19981006 1361 Unlikely Ally for Officer Accused of Racism
nytarchjb179 hk1 2 19981007 1380 Metro News Briefs: New York; Trial Testimony in Case Of Firefighters and Float
nytarchjb180 hy2 1 19981008 4851 Firefighters Who Wore Blackface Defend Their Actions
nytarchjb181 hk1 2 19981011 1354 Police Officer Is Dismissed Over Float

a gay killing in Wyoming
nytarchjb182 ig1 2 19981014 1341 Journal; The Road to Laramie

nytarchjb184 jg1 2 19981018 1360 Hate Laws Don't Matter, Except When They Do
nytarchjb185 jg1 2 19981025 1418 Ideas & Trends: Giving Outrage a Face; Breaking a Taboo, Images of Death

preparatory squirming
nytarchjb186 fy1 2 19981112 1363 National News Briefs; Man in Dragging Case Says Motive Was Drugs

alarm & hope for reconciliation
nytarchjb188 kb1 2 19990126 1367 As Trial in Dragging Opens, Town Talks of Reconciliation
nytarchjb189 kr1 2 19990217 1362 Dragging Death Is Called Signal For Racist Plan

first trial
nytarchjb190 lk1 2 19990220 1324 F.B.I. Expert Ties Blood to Jasper Defendant
nytarchjb191 ly1 2 19990223 1369 National News Briefs; Painful Killing Described As Trial Nears Its End
nytarchjb192 lk1 2 19990224 1340 Man Guilty of Murder in Texas Dragging Death
nytarchjb193 lg1 2 19990225 1384 Editorial Observer; Jasper, Tex., and the Ghosts of Lynchings Past
nytarchjb194 lk1 2 19990225 1065 A Second Wait in Jasper
nytarchjb195 lk1 2 19990226 1345 Texas Jury Picks Death Sentence In Fatal Dragging of a Black Man
nytarchjb196 lg1 2 19990228 1342 In America; Staring at Hatred

second trial
nytarchjb197 mk1 2 19990429 1366 National News Briefs; Trial Site to Be Changed In Texas Dragging Death
nytarchjb198 my1 2 19990513 1356 Bush's Run Casts a Shadow on a Hate Crimes Bill
nytarchjb199 mk1 2 19990830 1367 National News Briefs; Trial to Begin for 2d Man In Texas Dragging Death
nytarchjb200 mk1 2 19990914 1344 Trial Begins for 2d Suspect in Dragging Death
nytarchjb201 my1 2 19990918 1360 Defendant Says He Didn't Mean to Take Part in Dragging Death
nytarchjb202 mk1 2 19990921 1320 Second Man Convicted in Dragging Death
nytarchjb204 mk1 2 19990922 1347 National News Briefs; Parents Plead for Life Of Convicted Killer
nytarchjb205 mk1 2 19990924 1346 Second Man On Death Row In Dragging Of Black Man

nytarchjb206 ng4 1 19990926 46165 What's So Bad About Hate
nytarchjb210 ng1 2 19991024 1320 What's So Bad About Hate

third trial
nytarchjb211 ok1 2 19991026 1363 National News Briefs; Jury Selection Begins In Third Dragging Trial
nytarchjb212 ok1 2 19991106 1364 National News Briefs; Contempt Order Lifted In Dragging Death Case
nytarchjb213 ok1 2 19991106 1372 Metro News Briefs: New York; Prosecutor Asks Court To Demand CBS Tapes
nytarchjb214 ok1 2 19991119 1351 Third Defendant Is Convicted In Dragging Death in Texas

the aftermath
nytarchjb216 pb1 2 20000124 1380 Racist Hatred in America's Past Stirs Emotions at Exhibition
nytarchjb217 pg1 2 20000620 1372 Federal Law on Hate Crimes Is Scheduled for Vote in the Senate
nytarchjb218 pb4 1 20000702 14309 Strange Fruit: A Song That Reverberates in the American Soul
nytarchjb220 pk1 2 20001012 1385 The 2000 Campaign: The Overview; This Time, More Accord Than Discord
nytarchjb221 pk1 2 20001012 1385 The 2000 Campaign; 2nd Presidential Debate Between Bush & Gore
nytarchjb222 pk1 2 20001012 1404 The 2000 Campaign: The Texas Record; Bush's Policies in Texas
nytarchjb223 pk1 2 20001013 1402 The 2000 Campaign: The Texas Record; Bush Stance on Bias Crimes
nytarchjb224 pk1 2 20001013 1414 The 2000 Campaign: The Overview; As Campaign Spins, Candidates Find Their Edge
nytarchjb225 pg1 2 20001016 1341 In America; The Death Capital
nytarchjb226 pg1 2 20001029 1395 The 2000 Campaign: The Turnout; Big Push Starts To Lift Turnout Of Black Vote
nytarchjb227 pg1 2 20001102 1390 The 2000 Campaign: The Ad Campaign; Emotional Appeal Urges Blacks to Vote
nytarchjb228 pk1 2 20001106 1426 The 2000 Campaign: The Vice President; Focus Is on Crucial States

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