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Finding Our Way Home, Addictions and Divine Love

These stories describe the radical journey of creating a life with purpose, hope, and belonging. In "Finding Our Way Home", Killian Noe draws from her experience as co-founder and program director at Samaritan Inns, an organization serving addicted and homeless men and women. Reading these stories can lead you to awareness of your own addictions and divine love, a journey that can lead you home.

About the Author: Killian Noe, along with David Erickson, founded Samaritan Inns in 1985. A comprehensive response to homelessness and addictions, Samaritan Inns is located in Washington, D.C. In 1998, Yale Divinity School named Killian Noe one of its Distinguished Alumni. Killian currently lives with her husband and two daughters in Seattle, Washington, where she started New Creation Community, an ecumenical faith community committed to contemplation and action and "Recovery Café," a recovery refuge for formerly homeless addicted men and women.

Buy the book at Herald Press.

The following excerpt is from pages 66-69 of this book.

(Killian, may I have your permission to reproduce pages 66-69 here from "Accountability through" thru "our wounded world.")

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