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Knight Foundation Community Profile

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Overview: Drawing on local, state and national data sources, these profiles document more than 70 quality of life measures for each Knight community, covering children and families, education, literacy, community development, housing, citizenship, and arts and culture. The profiles track real-world trends, thus serving as a complement to the impressionistic information drawn from the previously released public opinion surveys. Examples of community profile information include outcome measures such as high school graduation rates and infant mortality rates and context measures such as median household income and the number of police officers per 1000 population. American Institutes for Research of Washington, D.C., and the Urban Institute of Washington, D.C., are partners on the profiles project.

The profiles are of two distinct types.

Both types of reports are available for all 26 areas.

The 26 geographic areas included are these (alphabetic by state).

Long Beach, Los Angeles County, CA
San Jose, Santa Clara County, CA
Boulder, Boulder County, CO
Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, FL
Bradenton, Manatee County, FL
Miami, Dade County, FL
Tallahassee, Leon County, FL
Columbus, Muscogee County, GA
Macon, Bibb County, GA
Milledgeville, Baldwin County, GA
Ft. Wayne, Allen County, IN
Gary, Lake County, IN
Wichita, Sedgwick County, KS
Lexington, Fayette County, KY
Detroit, Wayne County, MI
Duluth, St. Louis County, MN
St. Paul, Ramsey County, MN
Biloxi, Harrison County, MS
Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, NC
Grand Forks, Grand Forks County, ND
Akron, Summit County, OH
Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA
State College, Centre County, PA
Columbia, Richland County, SC
Myrtle Beach, Horry County, SC
Aberdeen, Brown County, SD

The various documents are as follows.

"Community Profiles" (hard facts)

There is a bound booklet (landscape, plastic cover) for each of the 26 Knight communities.
Community Profiles: Overview of Knight Communities
Community Profiles: Miami, Florida Community Profile (Dade County)
Community Profiles: Palm Beach County Community Profile
Community Profiles: Boca Raton Community Profile
Table of Contents

Demographic, Economic, Social Context


General Population Characteristics

Total Population
Population Density and Household Size

Community Diversity

Racial and Ethnic Composition of the Population

Socioeconomic Status

Educational Attainment
Median Household Income

Special Needs Populations

Youth Population
Elderly Population
Non-English-Speaking Population
Single-Parent Families
Poverty Level of People
Poverty Level of Children
Welfare Recipients

Labor Force Characteristics

Employed Population
Employment by Major Industry
Average Wage by Major Industry
Unemployment Rate

Criminal Justice

Police Officers per 1,000 Population
Law Enforcement Budget per Capita

Children and Social Welfare


Child Well-Being

Infant Mortality
Mothers Who Smoked During Pregnancy
Women Receiving Prenatal Care
Low Birth Weight
Adolescent Birth Rate
Child Immunization
School Readiness
Child-care Costs
Licensed Child-care Providers
Head Start Programs

Access to Physicians' Care

Physicians per 1,000 Population
Pediatricians per 1,000 Children

Youth and Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Arrests for Serious Crimes

Education and Literacy


School Environment

Total Student Enrollment
Student Racial and Ethnic Composition
Free and Reduced Price School Lunch Participation
Limited English Proficient Students
Private School Enrollment
Postsecondary Enrollment

Financial and Human Resources

Per Pupil Expenditures
Average Teacher Salary
Teachers with Master's Degree
Student-Teacher Ratio
District Revenue Sources

Student Achievement and System Outcomes

State Standardized Tests - Third-Grade Reading and Math
State Standardized Tests - Eighth-Grade Reading and Math
State Standardized Tests - Tenth-Grade Reading and Math
Attendance Rate
SAT Performance
Dropout Rate
Graduation Rate

Community Literacy

Adult Literacy
Public Library Usage - Total
Public Library Usage - Children
Newspaper Circulation

Community Development and Homelessness


Housing Affordability

Median Housing Value
Monthly Income Spent on Housing
Range of Owner-Occupied Housing Unit Values
Range of Rental Market Rates

Housing Stock

Age of Housing Units by Range
New Home Construction: Building Permits

Housing Stability

Population per Number of Housing Units
Residential Mobility
Occupied and Vacant Housing Units
Owner-Occupied and Rental Housing

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Violent Crime Index
Total Crime Index



Voter Registration
Voter Turnout

Arts and Culture

Types of Arts and Culture Organizations
Finances of Arts and Culture Organizations
Number and Percentage of Arts Organizations
Size of Arts Organizations
Number of Organizations Compared to Population
Assets of Arts Organizations Compared to Population
Net Income

"Community Indicator Profiles"(how people feel)

Listening and Learning

March, 2000. This is a 200 page printed report (blue cover) which describes the process and compares information from the 26 Knight communities.

Cumulative Topline Results for all Questionaires

January 24, 2000. 8.5'14 landscape, 101 loose pages, covers all 26 communities.

A Report on Public Opinion in Miami.

January 21, 1999. 57 pages. Table of Contents similar to Boca/PBC below.

A Report on Public Opinion in Boca Raton/Palm Beach County.

August 25, 1999. 35 pages.
Table of Contents

Survey overview

Community health indicators
Local issues in Palm Beach County

Perceptions of the community

Ratings of community institutions
Influences on perceptions of local institutions
...the local media
Community safety
Influences on perceptions of safety

Community problems

Most important community problems
Influences on perceptions of community problems


Personal efficacy
Influences on feelings of efficacy
Influences on volunteerism
Charitable contributions
Influences on charitable contributions


Arts and culture

Non-profit arts and cultural activities
Other types of leisure activities
Influences on attendance of non-profit arts and cultural activities

Local issues

Time spent travelling by car for work and leisure
Travel outside of Palm Beach County for leisure
Perception of upward mobility
Concern for the environment

Survey methodology

Sample design
Statistical tests
Response rate

Topline results

Complete Reports

These reports are quite large (500-900kb). They are available on-line from from The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation website. They are also available from which loads fast if you are working with a CD. (To load the large .pdf files from the CD, you must be using this webpage from the CD. To do that, edit the URL line in your browser to use the CD. For example, d:\racematters\knightfdtncommprofile.htm ).

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