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A Third Car-Dragging Incident Is Reported

A Third Car-Dragging Incident Is Reported

In the third car-dragging incident reported in a week, a Louisiana black man has told the authorities that he was dragged alongside a car by three white men who taunted him with racial epithets, the police said today.

The man, Cornelius Weaver, 23, was treated at a local hospital for abrasions and bruises he got when he rolled away from the car after escaping from his attackers early on Saturday, said James Hartman, a spokesman for the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office.

The incident followed the death of a black man, 49-year-old James Byrd Jr., who was dragged behind a pickup truck in Jasper, Tex., on June 7 and a possible copycat crime in Belleville, Ill., on Friday.

Three white men have been arrested in the Texas killing. In the Illinois incident, Baron Manning, 17, reported that he was dragged alongside a sport utility vehicle driven by three white youths yelling racial slurs.

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