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Our Vision is a web portal intended to encourage and provide inspiration and tools for racial reconciliation. It has information about racial matters throughout America and the world, both historical and current. However, our most important purpose is to provide information about people and organizations whose efforts are helping to achieve racial reconciliation in Palm Beach County, Florida and to serve as a resource for them.

Here are some thoughts about how our effort will develop. is in continual development and was last updated on July 9, 2014. So far, for demo and discussion purposes, we have identified 1178 resource items, and we have a search engine.

The most important next work will enable us to add content more easily and will enable any visitor to our website to add his or her evaluation to specific items of content. The conclusions from all evaluations will then be available to guide future visitors. Our website includes controversial viewpoints and it includes information about discriminatory violations that might not be wanted by some visitors. We call this material "sensitive". When are further along in developing this site, the visitor will have the ability to filter out sensitive material when using the "Search" facility. One will also be able to turn on or off a filter which will particularly identify Palm Beach County people, institutions and events. 91 items are treated as "sensitive" at this time.

Important public questions and tasks include these.

Important technical considerations and next steps include these. These are the items for which funding is needed. Items in boldface are high priority.

Exceptional features:

Essential requirements:

Helps for Research:

Possible extensions:

Cooperation desired:


Funding required for progress we expect to make in the next few months is minimally $9000. This will achieve major progress on all the items above which are in boldface. Here is how it would be spent. (scanner & OCR software will be property of TAMPU temporarily in possession of Carl House, all work will be done in a manner appropriate to being integrated into the TAMPU Resource Center, see Phase I report for how APL2000 was selected for this work)

Web hosting service & portal support ($100/month to APL2000, Inc.) 600
Fee to APL2000, Inc. to adapt existing software for our use 5000
Provision for expenses to Carl House in working with APL2000, Inc. 1400
Purchase of a scanner and OCR software 1100
Overhead to Lighthouse Ministries of Boca Raton (10%) 900
Total Phase II Costs 9000


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