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Community Development Corporations in PBC

Our vision is that there will be a contact person who cares about racial reconciliation and children at risk in every community organization, place of worship, school and business in Palm Beach County. Here's a very small beginning of an approach to add our concern to the concern of those who manage Community Development Corporations.

Community Development Corporations (CDC's)(county-wide)
Boynton Beach CDC, Ms. Cynthia Michelet, Ms. Tanya Hearst Williams
Boynton Beach Faith Based CDC, Mr. Robert Dwelle
Delray Beach CDC, Mr. Charles E. Broadnax, Mr. Bill Sanders, Ms. Carmelita Smith
Lake Worth CDC, Mr. Kurt Freiter, Ms. Kathy LaCroix
Limestone Creek CDC (Jupiter), Ms. Charmaine Tisdale, Rev. Willie Scott, Mr. Lorenzo Young
Local Initiatives Support Corp.(LISC), Ms. Annetta Jenkins, Ms. Linda Charles, Mr. Christopher Plummer
Northwest Riviera Beach CRC, Mr. Charles Gainey, Ms. Mevalyn Benzel
Su Casa CDC (subsidiary of HHRC), Mr. Jorge Avellana, Ms. Ana Ramos
Urban League of Palm Beach County, Mr. Samuel McDonald, Ms. Teresa Johnson, Ms. Maya Salter, Mr. Melton Clark, Mr. Schiller Ambriose

City Government Agencies of Palm Beach County
City of Boynton Beach, Ms. Octavia Sherrod
City of Riviera Beach, Mr. John Green
Village of Royal Palm Beach, Mr. Paul Schofield, Mr. Bill Trott
City of West Palm Beach, Ms. Sharon Jackson

Centro Campesino Farmworker Center, Inc., Mr. Steven Mainster, Ms. Angela Johnson, Mr. Joseph C. Segor

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