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The Infrastructure for Empowerment in Palm Beach County

Our vision needs to embrace and encourage constructive effort for reconciliation. The differences among peoples in our community will inevitably cause stress, and racism will never be eliminated in all its forms, but everyone who wants to be part of healing should be able to find others who also want to be part of healing.

Our need for racial reconciliation can't be separated from our need to nurture empowerment. That includes poverty, child care, safety and a myriad of other concerns in our "villages". Our community organizations including churches, arts organizations and community development corporations are our fabric for empowerment. There is great value in giving them acknowledgement as well as timely help. The value of making information available may be even greater for those for whom empowerment is not an issue as they become more able to see others as neighbors by knowing more about them.

There is no reason why we can't make web exposure available to every empowering organization in Palm Beach County that will provide information to us. For examples, see the Guatemalan-Maya Center in Lake Worth and Glades Artisans in Belle Glade.

Community Development Corporations in PBC
Non-profit Corporations in PBC
Places of Worship & Clergy in PBC
Educational Institutions in PBC
"Children at Risk" in PBC
Places of Employment in PBC

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