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CarlNancy Carl House and Nancy Stroud - Carl is a graduate of Grinnell College and Harvard Graduate School. He helped found Neighbors Organized for Adequate Housing, Inc. (with Betsy Farrar and Sister Pat Downs); he was the founding President of NOAH Development Corporation (both in Belle Glade); and he was one of the three founding partners of the Housing Partnership of Palm Beach County. His professional background includes marketing at Procter & Gamble and development economics for The Rouse Company. He has served as a consultant to the U.S. Agency for Economic Development (Office of Housing) working in Kenya, Swaziland, Zambia, the Sudan and Tanzania. He has served as a consultant to Enterprise Foundation in economic development.

He wrote the "Belt of Blight" Study in the early-1980's that was instrumental in the award of a major grant from the MacArthur Foundation (to the Housing Partnership of Palm Beach County) and that has been frequently cited since. Other publications include "Cost of Poverty in Sandtown-Winchester (Baltimore)" funded by Enterprise Foundation and "Cost of Poverty in Overtown (Miami)" funded by the Kellogg Foundation. He participated with an Enterprise Foundation team in writing the "Plan for the "Transformation of Sandtown-Winchester" and was funded in that work by Robert S. McNamara with funds from his book "The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam". His work was cited in the Rockefeller Foundation Annual Report as source material on employment.

He is a competitive swimmer and is responsible for the archives of United States Masters Swimming. He is presently developing with a professional archivist the means by which resource materials will be stored at the International Swimming Hall of Fame and has created 6000 pages of on-line archives at This website is remarkable for its ease of maintenance and for its linkages. (There are 180,000 links, all maintained automatically.)

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