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People's Institute for Survival and Beyond


The People's Institute for Survival & Beyond
1444 N. Johnson
New Orleans, LA 70116


Diana Dunn, Program Director


The People's Institute was formed in 1980 as a cooperative effort between two prominent social change organizations: Help Us Make A Nation (HUMAN) and The Southern Organizing Committee for Economic and Social Justice (SOC). Founders, Dr. Jim Dunn and Ron Chisom, worked to establish a training institute that provides not only community organizing skills, but an analysis, principles, and values that make these skills useful.

Geographic Scope:

The People's Institute is located in the New Orleans, Louisiana area, but works throughout the country. Workshops have been conducted in communities in Minnesota, California, New York, Mississippi, Louisiana, and across the country.

Number Served:

The People's Institute has trained thousands of people across the country.

Program Description:

The flagship program of the People's Institute is the "Un-Doing Racism" workshop. Based on the notion that racism has been consciously and systematically erected in American society, the People's Institute teaches that it is each individual's responsibility to dismantle the legacy of racism. The People's Institute offers a variety of services and trainings to diverse communities. In addition to the "Undoing Racism" workshop, the Institute also offers technical assistance to communities and organizations. The Institute teaches basic skills in effective community organizing, leadership development, coalition building, fundraising and publicity skills.

Dialogue-Based Organizing Community-Based Organizing Student Activism Faith-Based Organizing Politically-Based Organizing

Community-Based Organizing

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