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personal journey

This discussion of "journey" is offered in the context of a general viewpoint.

It is possible that, as Why Religion Matters, by Huston Smith argues, the next great accomplishments of humankind will be in getting along with each other. Certainly the Civil Rights movement and its aftermath have set the stage for transformational change. Now, after September 11, the New York Times reports that the "Hollywood Struggles to Create Villains for a New Climate has opted for restraint to avoid accusations of bias and the danger of offending audience sensibilities in an increasingly multiracial America". While mankind may have been more destructive in the past century than in any prior century, humankind also has risen to unprecedented acts of reconciliation. Events in the new Truth & Reconciliation Commission the apologies of the Mission Of Reconciliation are examples. has been created with the viewpoint that those who wish to engage the subject of Valuing Diversity are likely to be searching in any or all of 3 ways: ideas for action, good information and personal journey . We provide information and tools to help. Be sure to visit What's New.

The "journey" is the path you take internally to examine how prejudice and discrimination work, how they help or hurt you and others, how they might be at work in you despite your good intent. The following is a growing list of resources that might be relevant to your "journey". You may find lots more using our search engine. We'll appreciate your suggestions for more to add to this list, either from material already in, or new material.

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