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Quest for the Lost Civilization

I happened to catch a show on the Learning Channel called "Quest for the Lost Civilization". It held out the possibility of an advanced civilization long, long ago which was exceptional in its understanding of astronomy, calendars and the construction of Monoliths. Very little remains of this possible civilization, but remarkable similarities in Eqypt, Ankor Wat, Maya (Guatamala Mayan), Scotland (Druids), Easter Island and Carnac (France) strongly suggest that communication and presumably travel was occuring among these very distant places in 10,000 B.C. In seeking to discover how we might acquire this program, I found the following. seems to have it available as an out of print used book for $19.98 and seems to have it available as in DVD format (a set of 3 DVD's for $29.99).

(submitted by Carl House)

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