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The Radical Middle, Mark Satin's newsletter

I've been reading Mark's newsletters for a couple of decades. He's always astute and fears nobody. I called him today for the first time and had a most interesting conversation. As best I can replay it:

I said, "I've been reading you for many years and I find you consistently handling subjects that spiritual people handle but never with spiritual language." The gist of his answer was that he finds spiritual language gets in the way and doesn't help communicate. We talked about Rustom Roy's gift for looking past language to get to the essence of what somebody is feeling and saying. We talked about my talented 33 year old son who wants a career in political science and wants nothing to do with anything that sounds faith based. I've given him many of Mark's newsletters thinking he'd find them right up his alley. He's never commented on anything in them. Mark said he thought it might be because my son saw their spiritual content. Political science is a "spiritual quest", Mark says. I promised to renew my subscription ($36/year). (anecdote by Carl House, February 28, 2001)

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