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The State of America's Children, 2001 Edition, The Children's Defense Fund

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The 2001 Edition of The Children's Defense Fund's report "The State of America's Children" was recently released (April 15, 2001, 144 pages plus 32 page foreword). Single copies are available for $15.95 plus $5.50 for shipping and handling (total $21.45) from CDF Publications, P.O. Box 90500, Washington, DC 20090-0500. Here is the Table of Contents  (and annotation if we find someone to add it).



Family Income


Unmatched Prosperity, Unequally Shared


How "Prosperity" Leaves One in Six Children in Poverty


Poor and Middle-Income Families Are Working Harder


Lack of National Safety Net Means Deeper Poverty and Hardship


The Nation Can Do Something about Child Poverty


Components of a Family Income Package


Moving Forward: A 2001 Agenda for Action


Child Health


Disparities in Coverage and Access to Care


Progress in CHIP Enrollment


Public Accountability: Ensuring Access to EPSDT


Federal Legislative Developments


New Regulations on Insurance Claims


Final CHIP Regulations


Emerging Issues: Family Insurance Expansions


Public Health Update: Progress Toward Healthy People 2010 Goals


Obesity is a Growing Problem


Teen Health


Environmental Threats and Risks


Racial Disparities and Environmental Justice


Moving Forward: A 2001 Agenda for Action


Child Care


Studies Show Increased Need for Expanded Child Care and After-School Resources


High Quality Care Benefits Children and Families


Finding Affordable Child Care is a Challenge


Polls Show Support for New Investments and Improved Policies


Policy Developments


Moving Forward: A 2001 Agenda for Action




Reading, Writing and Mathematics Performance


Poor and Minority Students Being Left Behind


Changing Public School Population


Teacher Shortage


Safe and Quality Learning Environments


Early Learning


School Reform


Public School Choice


Higher Education


Legislative Action in 2000


Moving Forward: A 2001 Agenda for Action


Children and Families in Crisis


Children and Families in Crisis: The Needs Continue


Opportunities to Increase Capacity in Service Delivery Systems, Communities, and Families


Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Young People


Moving Forward: A 2001 Agenda for Action


Juvenile Justice and Youth Development


Youth, Violence, and Crime


Gun Violence


Violence in Schools


Investing in our Youth


Beyond Preventing Violence to Promoting Positive Youth Development


Moving Forward: A 2001 Agenda for Action


Appendix A. National Trends


Table A1: Poverty Among Children


Table A2: Maternal and Infant Health


Table A3: Adolescent Childbearing


Table A4: Youth Unemployment


Appendix B. Children in the States


Table B1: Population and Poverty


Table B2: Number and Percentage of Children Under 18 Who Are Poor, Based on 1989 Income


Table B3: Cash Assistance (AFDC/TANF) Benefit Levels and Participation


Table B4: Number of Children Receiving Food Stamps, FY 1989-99


Table B5: Number of Children Participating in Child Nutrition Programs, FY 2000


Table B6: Child Support Enforcement, 1998


Table B7: Fair Market Rent and the Minimum Wage, 2001


Table B8: Early Prenatal Care and Low Birthrate, 1998


Table B9: Teen Birth Rates, 1990-1998


Table B10: Infant Mortality, by Race of Mother, 1998


Table B11: Children's Health Insurance Program, Federal Fiscal Year 2000


Table B12: Health Insurance Coverage of Children


Table B13: Immunization Status, by Race/Ethnicity, 1999


Table B14: Head Start Enrollment and Race and Ethnicity of Enrollees, 2000


Table B15: Children Served by the Child Care and Development Block Grant


Table B16: State Prekindergarten Initiatives: State Funding and Number of Children Served, 1998-99


Table B17: Max # of Children Allowed per Caretaker & Max Group Size in Child Care Centers, Selected Ages, 2000


Table B18: Participants in Federal Education and Disability Programs


Table B19: Public School Education


Table B20: Child Abuse and Neglect


Table B21: Number of Adoptions from Foster Care, 1996-1998


Table B22: Firearm Deaths of Children and Teens Ages 0-19, by Manner, 1995-1997


Table B23: State Budget Balances, Unspent TANF and CHIP Funds, and Tobacco Settlement Money in Millions


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