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The Nature of Human Beings

We romanticize that children are innocent and pure. The fact is that that romantic view really only describes our reaction to children. Children start out as "me", nothing else exists. When a child grows enough so that it is bigger than some others, it is a bully. As parents, we lead the child through a process of socialization where it learns to function in community. The first community is family, then school, and the growing person moves into adulthood and then elderhood. This process of socialization fails with some people, and for some what appears as growing up is really the learning of coping mechanisms whereby they seem to become part of community. All of us at times fail in consideration of others. What is really fascinating is the potential for enlightenment that lies within us. But it is useful to be clear that we do not start out that way and that growing up might require some struggle.

(written from notes from the Study Circle commencing 6/5/01 with Dr. Deri)

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