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Things we can do that will matter

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This is a list of things we can do to help in dismantling racism developed in our workshop on August 13, 2005. They range from acts of personal habit to commitments for institutional change. Further development of these ideas is taking place in three groups that will meet in homes.

Personal Habits

  1. ........(leader of .......) said that she makes sure she offers at least a "beneficent glance" to everyone one she came into contact with. No one should be "invisible". Kindness, graciousness and respect are the underpinnings of all good relationships and can be present in all relationships.
  2. Speak up when racism shows itself, as in jokes. Even if it is your boss telling the joke and you can't afford to offend him, there is a way for you to express yourself constructively.
  3. Participate in, use, and share resources to help you in your personal "examina".
    1. "Just Faith" is a ministry at St. Joan of Arc that empowers people of faith to develop a passion and thirst for justice. It will start this year in October continuing for 8 months, will meet on Thursday evenings (7-9 pm), and will encourage reading a book a month.
    2. Lee Mun Wah is a poet and film maker who has produced superb material on racism including the film "Color of Fear" which has been shown in Boca Raton's Muvico theatre and shown again in countless churches and homes. (Carl House has an extensive collection of material produced by Lee Mun Wah which can be borrowed.)
    3. workshops like ours....
    4. ....
  4. ....

Cooperation and Sharing

  1. It has been observed that Sunday worship is the most segregated hour of the week. Let's build connections between churches. Congregation B'nai Israel and Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church are doing things together (Irene Carlswell). Rev. Willis has extended a special invitation to those who would like to worship at Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church on Sunday, September 4 (11:00 am, 200 NE 12th St., Boca Raton, behind the Martin Luther King Memorial on Glades Road near Federal Highway).
  2. Offer yourself (or your family) through Boca Helping Hands to help a family in need. There is value in working thru an organization like Boca Helping Hands for two big reasons. One, they can help you do it well, and, two, you will feel more accountable for following through.
  3. Help other organizations, like "Inside/Out".
  4. ....

Institutional Development (and/or Change)

  1. Get the Boca Raton police department involved in our work. Pastor Calvin Davis invites us to attend a presentation by the Boca Raton police at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church on August 23 (1421 NE 2nd Court, 395-6871)
  2. Create structures for business mentoring. This will be done through Boca Helping Hands to build on structures and leadership that already exists. (Bill Troy's idea; Joanne Szaja's group will take the lead.)
  3. Give awards to kids who have bettered themselves in school (John Martin).
  4. ....

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