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Valuing Diversity - How This Term is Used

This reports on a brief review of the Internet to determine what "valuing diversity" means in "today's world". The method was to identify the top 60 websites in response to a search for "valuing diversity" in the Google search engine. The following definition was found in a cached Google page (the website is no longer available).

"Valuing diversity means being aware of, sensitive to, and appreciating differences of: age, gender, race, culture, physical abilities, sexual orientation and lifestyles."
My conclusion is that this is a term in widespread use. It is easily understood, and is entirely upbeat in its connotations. It can be easily seen to include the meaning of other terms like "Eracism" and Racial Reconciliation". And, it has the benefit of clearly including concern for other forms of discrimination. It is a superb term. The following websites contributed to this conclusion. (by C.H.)

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