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It is our intent to identify the most important websites in several areas of importance to us and to index them completely. This means that anyone using will be able to conduct a search for a name or topic restricting the search to the websites we've identified as especially important. This will greatly reducing the amount of irrelevant material one must search through. The search can be targeted to sources we judge to be dependable and relevant. This is a great improvement on the search capability we've had until now because until now our search has been limited to material in our web portal (or the entire web).

When this work is completed, one will be able to select from the following "universes" when starting a search.

Another benefit of spidering our national community of websites is that as new or changed material appears on any of our websites, it can automatically be posted to What's New at (and

Below is presented a proposed starting list of websites in each area. Websites can be added or deleted from these lists anytime we wish, but we'd like to get started with as good a list as we can. Please send comments to WebSteward.

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