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How White People Can Work for Racial Justice

This book was the primary reference using in developing our workshop on August 13, 2005.

Midwest Book Review
Uprooting Racism talks bout racism without rhetoric or attack. Speaking as a white to fellow whites, Kivel shares stories, suggestions, advice, exercises and approaches for working together to fight racism. He does this while discussing the timely issues of affirmative action, immigration, institutional racism, anti-Semitism, humor, political correctness and the meaning of whiteness. And he covers the different forms of racial injustice faced by Latinos, such as Asian Americans, African Americans, Native-Americans, and Jews. At once gentle and provocative, Uprooting Racism helps readers strategically intervene against racism in workplaces, institutions, public policy debates and everyday personal interactions. Uprooting Racism is a much needed book, helping the reader to understand and heal race relations in this country. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

Book Description
Continuously at the top of New Society Publishers' best-seller list for five years, Uprooting Racism has been revised and expanded with more tools than ever to help white people understand and stand-up to racism. In addition to updating existing chapters, the new edition explores how entrenched racism has been revealed in the new economy, voting, anti-Arab prejudice, and health care policy.

What People of Color Want from White Allies (an excerpt, page 96)
What kind of active support does a strong white ally provide? People of color that I (Paul Kivel) have talked with over the years have been remarkably consistent in describing the kinds of support they need from white allies. The following list is compiled from their statements at workshops I have facilitated. The focus here is on personal qualities and interpersonal relationships. More active interventions are discussed in the next part of the book.

What People of Color Want from White Allies
  • "Respect us"
  • "Find out about us"
  • "Don't take over"
  • "Provide information"
  • "Resources"
  • "Take risks"
  • "Don't take it personally"
  • "Understanding"
  • "Teach your children about racism"
  • "Speak up"
  • "Don't be scared by my anger"
  • "Listen to us"
  • "Don't make assumptions"
  • "Stand by my side"
  • "Don't assume you know what's best for me"
  • "Money"
  • "Make mistakes"
  • "Honesty"
  • "Talk to other white people"
  • "Interrupt jokes and comments"
  • "Don't ask me to speak for my people"
  • "Support"
  • "Your body on the line"

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