10 Low-fat Recipes To Help You Keep Your Weight-loss Resolution

As we get halfway into January, New Year’s resolutions start to look problematic. The days are short and cold. Who doesn’t want to be comforted by food? Swimsuit season is months away. But low-fat food can comfort and swimsuit season will return.

Low-fat eating does not have to be a broiled chicken breast accompanied by steamed broccoli. Look to maximize the flavor in your recipes. Begin stews and soups with chopped fennel, shallots, carrots and celery root. Roast your vegetables to coax out more flavor. Add a jalapeno to a white egg omelette. In fact, add a jalapeno to your spaghetti sauce and sauteed vegetables. It’s heart-healthy and a bit of jalapeno will satisfy the taste buds without delivering too much heat.

Below are ten low-fat recipes to help keep your weight-loss resolutions on track in 2021. Please note that these are not dishes for those with strict dietary restrictions.

  1. Balsamic-soaked Chicken Breasts – Chicken breasts roasted in their balsamic marinade until it turns to a thin, syrupy glaze.
  2. Italian Wedding Soup with Chicken Meatballs – the chicken meatballs cut the fat by 33%.
  3. Mushroom Soup – a rich broth with just a touch of evaporated skim milk for heft. Perfect for lunch, a first course or a pick-me-up in the afternoon.
  4. Mussels Swimming in Wine – cooked in wine and soy butter, this is a fish dish that satisfies.
  5. Penne with turkey sausage and cheeses – there’s just enough cheese to comfort and keep the dish interesting but not so much that it will derail a weight loss program. For optimum health use wheat pasta.
  6. Roasted Chicken Breasts – the chicken is roasted in wine or broth with tomatoes, onion and shallots for a rich flavor.
  7. Shrimp Oreganata – a little red pepper and garlic, cooked in wine or broth and a lot of oregano.
  8. Toasted Barley Salad – a main dish salad or a side. It’s dressed with low-fat yogurt and the toasting of the barley brings out its earthiness.
  9. Turkey-sausage stir-fry – a fifteen minute meal with peppers, onions and turkey sausage. Simple. Delicious.
  10. Tuscan Bean Soup – it’s packed with beans and vegetables and you’ll never miss the cream.

Do you have a killer low-fat recipe you would like to share? Send me the recipe and I will cook it and post it! 2021 is the year of local, healthy and sustainable. Look for many such articles promting this in 2021.