Americas “Christian” Right: Ignorant and Racist

If you don’t intend to read my entire article, please don’t make comments based on your’ ignorance or partial information; I work hard to produce quality work.

It is consistently shocking to read the religious rhetoric about Israel and the blatant racism involved in justifying a European Colony in Palestine. The bible is used as historical document, the same piece of work that has gone through hundreds of translations, revisions and edits by churches, leaders, printers and politicians. Certainly, it’s not the first time that false Christians have used their religion to justify hatred and genocide; for a few hundred years it was used to oppress and kill Jews but they’re the new precious prodigy child and the new enemy targeted for genocide is Arabs and Muslims. Since the rise of American Christian Zionism over the past 35 years, these religious fanatics believe they’ve cracked the code, they have special powers to know what Jesus and God intended all along; His intention is to bring on nuclear war, the Apocalypse and kill all the Arabs and Muslims, convert or kill all the Jews and then take up the White American Zionists to heaven. This madness, ignorance and racism is what American foreign policy in the Middle East is based upon and anyone who disputes their maniacal version of history and religious misinterpretation is either an ‘anti-Semite’ or hates America.

One of the nauseatingly arrogant and fanatical aspects of these extremist Christians is they are willing to die for and kill en masse to prove they’re right and the entire world is wrong; apparently these enlightened Christian Zionists think they have all the answers to all the questions plaguing man kind for thousands of years. No arrogance or insanity there.

Zionist leaders have convinced their flock that Polish, Russian, German, Indian, African and Chinese Jews are all from Palestine; they’ve even convinced you of this irrationality.

The nation called Israel is only 60 years old and has never existed in history, any and all claims to the contrary are lies and revisionist propaganda of the religiously hysterical; until the late 1800s the biblical term ‘Israel’ meant ‘Heaven’, where we all go for eternal rest or whatever your definition of heaven is. The term ‘Israel’ came to mean ‘Jewish homeland’ or ‘Return of the Jews to Israel’ in the late 1800’s when a German Jew, Heinrich Graetz, inspired by German nationalism, invented Zionism and declared that all Jews must go to Palestine, conquer it and build the Jewish nation of Israel. After 60 years of a Zionist terrorist campaign against innocent Palestinian Christians and Muslims, including mass slaughter, murders, rapes, vandalism, assaults and bombings, these Jewish terrorists exploited WWII and used it as a spring board to get what they want: Israel on the grave of Palestine and Palestinians. These terrorists created an illegal state filled with European Jews and continue to colonize and inflict an abhorrent Apartheid on the indigenous Palestinian population.

The following 60 years is more of the same on a larger scale, with WMDs supplied by the American government the Jewish State continues its mass killing, ethnic cleansing campaign and annihilation of the Palestinian people; you’ll note that these Jewish and Christian Zionists demand that the Palestinian people and nation never even existed. Removing the legitimacy of the Palestinian claim to the land of Palestine and eliminating them from history books is part of every successful Genocide; the Jews know this first hand.

If the goal of every fanatical Christian Zionist is the conversion or murder of every Jew, why would Jewry team up with them? Because Jews don’t believe in Jesus or the Apocalypse or the Second Coming, all they want is for the Christian Zionists to keep supporting Israel at all costs and they laugh at America all the way to the bank, the military warehouse and blood bank of dead Americans, dying for Israeli security.

The Zionists of America are the greatest and largest force of terrorism, hatred and murder on the planet; they’re behind the slaughter in Iraq and the coming slaughter in Iran. If you believe their insane ramblings about poor little Israel and the evil Arabs and the blatant lying and historical re-writing to better fit their murdering agenda, then you’re complicit in their crimes and the next 9/11.

Just as there are many good Jews and good Christians and good Muslims, the Zionists and the Jihadists are the same. Extremism is extremism.

Take responsibility for your nation’s behaviour and stop believing the lies you’re fed about Israel; get the facts.

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