Colognes To Attract Women

For decades, men have sought effective colognes to attract women. Ironically, however, even the best-smelling colognes are actually proven to decrease a man’s attractiveness in one essential way. By masking the most powerful scent of all–the pheromones that our bodies naturally secrete–colognes effectively rob us of the most potent and time-tested means of becoming more attractive.

Fortunately, thanks to a handful of innovative manufacturers, you can now have the best of both worlds. Years of research has allowed them to offer laboratory-synthesized pheromones which both increase our natural attractiveness and smell great. They have done so both by increasing the precision with which APC (androstenone pheromone concentrate) is synthesized, and by veiling it with a minimal fragrance additive that does not mask or mix with it.

Nature’s Own Colognes to Attract Women

For the entirety of human history, pheromones have served as Nature’s own colognes to attract women. Pheromones stimulate the gene that triggers our mating instincts. Now that chemists have identified that gene and the compound that stimulates it, innovative companies have found an inexpensive way of increasing our natural attractiveness to women.

Best of all, women will never know why they find you so extraordinarily attractive. They will simply be drawn to you as women have been drawn to men throughout history: naturally. If you know where to look, that age-old advantage can be yours.