Detachable Cord Headphones for TV Are a Multi-Tasker’s Best Friend

If you’ve ever experienced that horrible, gut-wrenching, heart-sinking moment of suddenly realizing you are standing on the cord to your favorite, state of the art, music is my-life, gotta-have-’em headphones, you’ll understand why I’m excited about detachable cord headphones.

I know, I know, in a perfect world, I’d go wireless. Well, my world ain’t perfect and there are too many ways for a set of wireless headphones to walk away from me and get –gasp– lost in the depths of a toy box, a tool box, etc. etc.

In a perfect world, my daily life would consist of seamless transitions between work and home. Since I work at home and I’m not living alone, there’s nothing seamless about it – sometimes it’s a smooth mix, sometimes it’s flat-out noise.

Detachable headphones allow me to work in the best of environments without stressing over cord protection. Yes, I try to keep the cord to one side (with all the other cables that go with laptops and speakers and lighting, etc.) but stuff happens. There’s enough stuff happening in my daily routine. I do not need the destruction of an excellent set of headphones added to the list.

If, heaven forbid, during one of those moments when I have to jump and run (to referee, to save, to, er –cough– gently admonish) should I happen to tangle the cord, there will be a happy ending to that part of the scenario.

During one of my recent research sessions for an article, I stumbled across a well written editorial about an additional benefit of headphones. True music and television lovers know that sweet spot of getting both sound and volume at the perfect level. According to the report, the right level of structure and rhythm in music helps listeners to concentrate better on the task at hand, be it relaxing or working.

It appears that brain waves sync themselves to the sound waves, resulting in perfect rhythm inside and out. The better the fit and quality of the headphones, the more likely this result will occur. No wonder I love my headphones. I thought it was just because they stood solidly between me and the world. Even better, I have written confirmation that my writing can be improved by wearing headphones and listening to music while working.

Now that I know detachable cord headphones actually improve concentration, I have yet another reason to use them. I seriously doubt my accountant will consider an internet report enough validation to make the expense a bonafide tax deduction. I really don’t care.

What truly matters is the experience of losing myself in a movie, good music or television show and protecting that experience at whatever cost. Detachable headphones are affordable and vital insurance – one small way of protecting both my sanity and my business.