Handy Food to Take Hiking or Overnight Camping

For a long day out hiking, especially one where you will be camping overnight, water is an essential and never-forgotten item but one thing that is obviously vital is food, it can, however be bulky, heavy or messy to carry with you, but there are some items that you can pack away amongst your kit that will stand the rigours of the day and still be tasty and filling.

One food type that will be very welcome after a day’s walking is carbohydrate. Bread is ideal to rustle up a filling sandwich, but loaves are definitely not the thing to think of here, instead take pitta, ciabatta or flour tortilla wraps. All of these are flat to begin with so are easy to slip into your pack, they are tough to resist damage especially if wrapped in plastic and will provide a filling meal without too much effort. If you can fit tubes of processed cheese, pate or sandwich spread they should be added as they are really tasty, spread easily even in cold climates, they are lightweight and re-sealable if you are going to be out for a few days.

If you are going to camp overnight it is an idea to take a small stove and titanium mug for warm drinks or even for making a hot meal – dried packet soups weigh next to nothing and can be packed in the smallest of spaces between spare clothes, dried pasta can be stashed into shoes or side pockets, the quick cook varieties are best as they are ready in as little as five minutes and can be added to the soup for a great body warmer. For slightly more adventurous meals, sausage can be a real treat, chorizo or salami are really sturdy, will pack into your kit, weigh very little and last well for a few days!

Snack food is also important and fun to have handy for feasting on whilst you are on the go, a top pocket on a jacket or a side pocket on your pack are great places to keep some nibbles. Mixed nuts, seeds, dried mixed fruit, boiled sweets and granola bars won’t weigh you down but will make the trek easier and more cheerful if, for example the weather is bad.

So, with a few creative solutions you can store plenty of food away amongst other items for a day on the trail, you will keep your energy up and enjoy the surroundings without forfeiting taste or fulfilment.