How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

The subject of bed bugs is something you would expect from unsanitary conditions in past centuries. The uncomfortable truth is bed bugs are not only still as much a problem today but are on the increase in some place. The reason we haven’t completely eradicated these bloodsucking tiny brutes is they are becoming resistant to some pesticides. Don’t get me wrong, they can be successfully exterminated but the point of this article is to inform the reader how bed bugs invade and spread.

The apple pip sized bed bug loves to travel and is quite adept at hitching a ride either on a person’s clothing or within their luggage. With so much international travel for business, leisure and immigration the prospects of worldwide spread have never been better for the parasite. Freight shipping of every conceivable material including furniture, cloth, garments and many other materials again afford ideal opportunities for the bed bug or its eggs to relocate and invade.

Really any place where people, especially large crowds gather, can promote the spread of this bug. Although they do not fly they do crawl from person to person or clothing to cinema seat to another person for example. Also places of high occupancy such as hotels, holiday apartments, motels and the like are just the kind of situation the creature can exploit.

You may not yourself even introduce the bed bug into your home or more particularly, the bedroom, for that is where they will make for to hide and feed. Probably the first indication you have them is to notice bed bug bite symptoms. It might well be a neighbour who is responsible for a bed bug infestation. Because they do not fly or leap the creatures do run surprisingly quickly and will determinedly pass through any crevice or opening between homes or apartments in search of a nesting site which is generally someone’s mattress. Once established they will hide in tiny, deep crevices and material folds, bed frames, furniture or just about any dark safe place.

The reality is that the bed bug is a nuisance and while you can take every precaution to prevent their spread yourself they can be an unwelcome gift from somebody else, just like a cold.