How to apply perfumes and colognes

There are many different ways that many experts feel the best way to apply fragrances. There are many points on our body where you can apply perfumes. These points are called as pulse points. These points are typical points on our body that release heat. Pulse points include neck, behind knees, wrist, inside your elbows and cleavage. From these pulse points, you can disperse your natural scent with fragrance of perfumes.

Perfumes last for period of 5-8 hours, so you need to make sure that you will apply enough perfumes to make it last for longer duration but not too much to keep it overpowered.

Most people have same problem that they don’;t know how to apply fragrances in proper way. Some people apply too much and on all the pulse points that is overdoing it. Your perfume should be complement of your natural scent not overpower everyone around you. Don’;t rub the perfume before and after applying to your body. Rubbing may defeat the original fragrance of perfume.

Making perfume last for all the day is a challenging, especially in cold weather. In this situation, you have to apply more than once a day. For that reason, use small and handy perfume that can be left in your purse or pocket to use more times. Another way is layering your perfume with similar scented moisturizer. That will help the perfume last longer.