How to Fix Earphones, Headphones, Speakers

There are a few common moments that occur in your life especially if we are amongst those who have a passion for music. We all love listening to music be that to refresh our minds, dance to its tune or even as a hobby. While enjoy it, we face some usual technical interruptions like malfunctioning of the speakers or suddenly the headphone stops to work properly. Instantly, the first reaction that can be seen is either scratching of our own hairs or banging the table top rather than make a desire to fix the gadget or the electronic device.

Rather then going for a new one we can use the same by just fixing it. Below mentioned are relatively few simple steps to repair a headphone followed by a speaker: –

Repairing a headphone:

  • There are screws that hold the case or the cover of a headphone jack. Untwist those screws carefully using a screw driver and open the case. For different devices like a computer, music player etc. Open the case by removing the screws and keep all the screws together in one place so that you lose one.
  • There you will find a circuit board with different connecting wires attached to the jack. Carefully remove the old soldering. Instead you can even overlap the old solder with a new one.
  • After applying the new coat of soldering over the circuit make sure you allow it to cool down before tying the screws. Note that during soldering the tip of the iron (device used for minor soldering) should not keep melting the metal covering over the circuit for a long time. Otherwise, it will burn the wires connecting to the back of the jack and also the pins.
  • After you reattach the cover with the screws, test it. Plug the headphone in the correct slot before playing. Check whether the soldering was effective enough to fix the headphone. If not perform all the above steps again carefully.

Repairing the headphone:

  • Carefully dissemble the speaker that needs to be repaired. With a screwdriver remove all the screws if the base of the speaker is a flat plate of metal. Instead without tearing the covering, gently loosen the seams if the material is a fabric and not a metal plate.
  • Notice that only minor repairing can be done in home with a soldering iron. But if the circuit coil, voice calls etc. are damaged you need to replace the parts from the dealers or the manufacturers.
  • Minor faults or damages like loose connection of the wires or the flap that vibrates during the beats of frequency can be easily fixed using adhesives, tapes or even a soldering iron.
  • Reassemble the open frame by applying the screws. Test the faulty speaker now fixed at a low volume initially, then carefully notice the soldering of the damaged part.

Materials required: –

  • Soldering iron
  • Headphone
  • Speakers
  • Adhesives (glue/tapes)
  • Screw driver

These are few of the steps that can come handy for fixing mirror damages of a speaker or a headphone. But still if the problem persists then you might even need to hire a professional or replace the parts from a showroom.