How to Lose Weight Fast And Effective Known Diet

Is it compulsory to attend a doctor to lose weight?

It is not really necessary to attend any specialist to start eating healthy. There is no need for review before starting a weight loss diet on their own. People who need laboratory tests are those who eat junk food but those who are improving their lifestyle does not need any medical leave.

Obviously have the support of doctors and nutritionists to lose weight can help.

What is easier to take a medicine or lifestyle change?

Recently science has come a long way creating new drugs to treat all diseases. So many new medicines have made people want to lose weight and do not seek what is the ideal diet to lose weight forever but that is the ultimate medicine to lose weight fast.

Currently there are medicines to help all people, from those with trouble maintaining an erection to children with concentration problems.

Unfortunately, diet medications have bothersome side effects

Chinese pills insomnia 
Sibutramine: hypertension 
Xenical diarrhea 
Metformin: stomach pain and nausea

Medical advice to lose weight

Breakfast to be more than satisfied
Breakfast enough protein to prevent anxiety attacks from carbohydrates in the evening
Breakfast when you wake up (before it within 60 minutes)

How to start a diet to lose weight?

Follow my advice to lose weight and learn how to speed up your metabolism to lose weight. Review other options if you are taking any medicines that do not help people lose weight.

Understand that the high insulin or insulin resistance and what are the carbohydrates is necessary before beginning a diet. Also find out why they had not yet managed to lose weight by dieting


Sample Diet

Breakfast (should be taken no more than 60 min after waking)
A glass of protein shake Ni Over Diet Vanilla ¾ prepare it with a glass of skim milk, 4 tablespoons of malt powder and 4 ice cubes
An arepa stuffed with tuna. Prepare corn bread with ½ cup corn flour, ¾ cup water and two tablespoons of malted Ni Over Vanilla Diet. The tuna should be natural and you can garnish with 1 teaspoon light mayonnaise and pepper to taste.
Award a milk or dark chocolate without sugar
(You can accompany your breakfast of coffee with skim milk and / or iced tea, you must sweeten your drinks with Splenda or Equal but not fructose)

Morning snack
A handful of peanuts, or cashews

Grilled tenderloin or grilled with broccoli topped with Parmesan cheese (remember that the broccoli should dress with a little salt, pepper and cheese to taste)
Gelatin dessert without sugar a serving of your favorite flavor
Diet soda or sugar free flavored drinks

Afternoon snack
2 slices of turkey with a teaspoon of sugar-free strawberry jam

Chicken and vegetable soup (remember that potatoes and corn are not good for weight loss)

I hope you learn and follow the steps above and remember that all the costs rpincipio but then you will obtain results.