How to Treat Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be a nightmare for anyone living with them. They breed fast and hide in the places you least expect. Bed bugs must be treated with foolproof regular methods since a light job on treating may not affect them.

So here’s some good help on how to treat bedbugs.

Some important things to note about bed bugs before you attack them are:

  • They are nocturnal creatures. They come out in the night to hunt for prey.
  • They breed very fast
  • They will be found in warm places. For example your pillow covers, your bed and your bags.

Setting off to kill those bed bugs

  1. Do a thorough cleaning job of your house. Cleanliness is the best and first remedy to get bed bugs out of your house.
  2. Once you clean your house, you can spray bedbug repellents in corners of your room, bed and wardrobes.
  3. Fill up all cracks. Bed bugs enjoying living in cracks and crevices.
  4. Always check your luggage once you are home.
  5. Dump clothes in the washing machine once you are home
  6. Bed bugs travel from one human to the other, therefore check your books, files, clothes always.
  7. Once guests leave home, vacuum your carpet and sofa set
  8. When you are cleaning the house open up every sheet and spray. Do not think it might not be there.
  9. Check your bag zippers and pockets they are apt places for bed bugs to breed and live.
  10. You can even mix kerosene in your mopping liquid and wipe the floor
  11. Check behind cupboards and below cupboard
  12. Check the wheels of any furniture
  13. A cleaning job every week and regular spraying of bed bug repellent can give you some relief.
  14. If you are getting any new furniture in your house ensure it is not bed bug friendly.

However to turn this temporary relief to permanent keep cleaning your house and keep looking for the hidden bed bugs.

Keep your house well-ventilated to allow fresh air in. Avoid keeping the house the damp. Always use bed bug repellent. You can even use insect repelling aroma oils in diffusers regularly in your house.