Racial Integration: Solidarity of the Races is Not Physical Solidarity

Solidarity of the races is not physical solidarity

Not because of sharing in business or being together in one party or one ideology

Solidarity of the races too is not because of meeting frequently at dinner gatherings

Solidarity of the races too is not meeting frequently at gatherings

in celebration of the ethnic groups and races

All these are merely physical or overt forms

The physical parts do not feel anything or do not understand anything

The one that understand is the mind, the one that feels is the spirit or the soul

If the minds and the thoughts are often not in line,

if the soul is often without mutual feelings,

the physical meeting does not carry any meaning

In fact the more they meet, the distant will the heart become

The more often we meet, the further are the souls

It is proven by the fact that what has happened in our daily lives

In one party, crisis often happen

In one party, there will always be individual teams and cronyism and cliques that ruin one another

In one ideology, separation, enmity and wars often happen

In business where there is partnership, conflicts often take place

and in some cases they even broke partnership

This is because the thoughts do not meet, hearts do not share,

maybe an ethnic groups or a race cannot be united

Here it tells us that solidarity is in the form of spirituality and maknawi

based on the mind and the soul

Even if we do not meet often it does not matter,

even if not in one party it does not matter

If the thoughts are in line and the souls share feelings

If that be the case to unite, even though it is one ethnic group and race,

one party, it is very difficult

It is not easy to take place as what have been expressed,

except for those who are ignorant in understanding the meaning of solidarity,

who will talk

Solidarity have various levels or categories:

1. Solidarity that is forced

It comes unexpectedly and suddenly

This type of solidarity is only temporary

it is difficult to stay permanent for a long time

When a race or ethnic group is invaded by their


They are forced to unite to face them

When the phase of facing their enemies is over,

separation or

conflicts will take place again

2. Solidarity that is forced or that is made legal by the

nation for mutual interest

because of security and harmony of the nation,

if not, the risks are accepted together

This solidarity is only as an ethics

They are forced to act or to pretend because they fear

being punished by the nation

3. Solidarity that is in the form of ideology trained for the

people since they were in school by the nation until

they become fanatics, as though they become the

aqidah or the religion or the soul of the nationThis

solidarity is stronger than what has been


But it is somewhat dangerous as when people have

become fanatical with the ideology,

They will be enemies with the other races or those

who are not of the same ideology

This kind of solidarity can invite many enemies as

what happened in World War Two,

They were at war because of ideology, eventually

solidarity is useless

Because of it, the world is destroyed

The solidarity that has been mentioned is solidarity that is rough or random or still maintaining the border

The solidarity still uses the brains developed repeatedly,

still not in the form of spirituality or like the soul

There are still some loop holes here and there, as it is still not global

The break is also due to the attribute of the mazmumah

or the evil habits of humans

Because of arrogance, jealousy, self importance, staying individualistically,

vengeance, hot temperedness, greed, stinginess, tyranny, treachery and others

Can separate people

The solidarity that has been mentioned will not be capable

of erasing the mazmumah

That solidarity is very general

That solidarity is still overt, if there are attributes of spirituality,

this is only part of the lobbying and is forced

There is solidarity that is much stronger and pure as well as true

Solidarity that is more universal, more global and artistic

It is in the form of maknawi and spiritual,

it is in the form of the mind and the soul

It can kill all the attributes of mazmumah that separate humans

even if in one family

It can bind ethnic groups and races, colours and language

It is a mutual belonging to all humans

This is the fourth solidarity,

What is the fourth solidarity?

It is solidarity that binds the mind and the soul of humans

That is fearing and loving God and coordinating the mind and thoughts

Fearing God, fearing to do wrong among humans, then there is no conflicts

Loving God, automatically mutually loving one another,

feelings of humanity develop, helping one another

and cooperating with one another

God belongs mutually to all humans irrespective of ethnic groups and race

The ties in ideology belong to a group and not mutually

belonging to everybody

It is the creation of humans

So is the case of the tie that is because of laws or forced, all are not right

But God mutually belongs to everybody

When you follow God there is no spite and jealousy, there is no arrogance,

greed and other attributes that separate humans

Fear and loving God, it is mutually belonging

And He becomes the bond for all ethnic groups and races

O universal humans!

If we wish to have solidarity among humans irrespective

of ethnic groups and race, the said knowledge must exist

So that to practise solidarity, there is the guidance and method

Here it is reminded that solidarity is not as easy as one seems to think

It is not adequate with slogans, speeches and laws made by the nation

If mazmumah still exists in humans, it is difficult for humans to unite

It is not only that it is difficult to unite the ethnic groups and race,

it is also difficult to happen in the family

If the ideology is already the same,

it means that the thoughts have followed suit,

Mazmumah is the obstruction

Mazmumah contribute more to separation among humans,

even if it is in one family,

If it is in one religion, there is still no strong unity

If we allow mazmumah to reign

Mazmumah can be defeated only by fearing and loving God

Holding on to ideology will not control it

Whereas mazmumah contribute a role in separating humans

This is mazmumah that many ethnic groups and races in the world,

fail to think about.