Racial Reconciliation in Today’s World

Although the civil rights movement was decades ago, racial conflict is still very much a reality of common culture.

Racial division is an unfortunate reality. The root of the division often traces back for decades and even centuries. The problem is often carried throughout generations of families who remain separated and refuse to mix with other races.

While this refusal of association with other races may not always be intentional, it can often cause stigmatisms and false expectations of other races.

The media today has done a fair job of demonstrating the existence of racial separation; however, there is still a long ways to go.

One evangelical church resource gave several suggestions for racial reconciliation within the church.

The first suggestion is to seek God’s direction about whom you should get to know, and discuss meeting regularly with them. This may mean going out for coffee, going shopping, going to a concert or having the whole family over for a meal. These may seem like simple and small steps, but they will certainly make a difference in the hearts of both people involved.

Another suggestion is to build trust by sharing common experiences and commit to praying seriously for each other.

It is also recommended to be a friend, hear their pain, and let God transform bitterness and humility into sensitivity and compassion.

Visiting each others’ homes and churches may help to restore respect for one another.

It is also extremely valuable to share your experiences with others when it comes to racial reconciliation.

There is also actually an institute for Racial Reconciliation located at Ole Miss or Mississippi State College.

Another resource on this topic is racialreconciliation.com

This site specializes in consulting on the matter of racial reconciliation. The site is sponsored by a husband and wife team who are dedicated to racial healing through the body of Christ.

A common question when it comes to reconciliation is what role the church should play. There is obviously still a lot of division which is unbiblical when it comes to the Body of Christ. It is important for Christians to realize that there is division and that they may have their own racist views that need to be recognized and dealt with.

Unfortunately, a lot of the division is negative. Negative feelings towards an entire race are entirely unfounded and far from beneficial to either side.

The good news is, some of the division can actually be positive. Showing appreciation and respect for the differences that may exist between cultures can be a very positive experience.

Some of the easiest and most practical ways to bridge the gap and reconcile between races are to always be respectful, encouraging and open to change.