Racists and Racism

Racists and racism are a hot topic this day and age. The fuel for anti-racism among the hearts of millions of people on this earth stems from a feeling within them that “hate” (that powerful keyword) is wrong! The reason racism is such a harsh instrument in people’s eyes is because it is based around hate and hate can lead to certain crimes in what would be considered “hate crimes.”

But in this article were going to talk about many different types of hate, how they can be just as harmful as racists and racism, the fact that they are often overlooked, and as well the fact that the non-racists are often quick to be wrongfully labeled as the opposite.

So let’s begin, racists and racism are based around hate and the illegal occurrences for which it causes. Racism IS hate so let’s not forget that and any hate can lead to hateful harmful actions. So why are other forms of hate considered completely acceptable and others simply under emphasized of their true harmful potential? Hate is hate regardless, so why do people put so much emphasis on a phrase like: “I hate Arabs, those terrorist supporters”, but do next to nothing when their best friend utters the words: “I hate my coworkers I want them to get what they have coming to them”? Did it not surprise him when he turned on the six o’clock news and came to find that his best friend took a loaded rifle and cleared the office?!

Racists and racism are not just bad because of hate crimes. Hate in our hearts is dangerously wrong for a NUMBER of reasons. One reason being because it does not just hurt the “hated”, it profoundly hurts the “hater”! how you ask? Well let’s analyze for a moment, how many truly hateful spiteful people have you met in your life that were truly happy and at peace in their lives? You think, I’ll wait…

…finished? Not very many were there (if any)?

Moving on, I would most definitely say that there ARE true racists on this planet, but in my opinion many more are wrongfully accused. Calling someone “Arab” does not necessarily make one racist. Pointing out someone’s nationality can simply be a method description and not hate.

We as humans in our way of life tend to be inclined to point out something that is different from ours. Just a few examples would be something like: “oh, he had a huge tattoo on his back”, or, “wow, she had really bright purple hair!” Or even, “he was 6’3”, wow, that’s tall. You see, We don’t necessarily hate people who are different looking, quite the contrary, sometimes they can be very intriguing to us.

In addition to this, so called racist jokes are not necessarily racist at all. For example, I live in the US and I am of Caucasian descent. Many times our African-Americans of our nation enjoy splurging in stand-up comedy aimed at poking fun at people of my race. The question is, am I offended or do I consider this racist towards my people? My answer is an astounding NO! I think it’s quite funny actually! Why? Because I know in my heart that they are just jokes and that these comics are usually just fooling around. It’s when a group starts taking offense that it becomes harmful. But really, why take offense? When someone tells a simple blond joke (as most of us have) does this mean we all hate blonds? I think not! I’m not saying that none of these joke tellers are actually racist or that some jokes don’t cross the line or go too far. I’m just saying that there exists true racism, hate, etc. while other times it is simply our own hypersensitive minds overreacting from our own memories and life experiences, just something to think about.