Review: Fisher Price Baby Monitors

We have had our Fisher Price Baby Monitor for more than 5 years now (we bought it before our oldest daughter was born). When our second daughter was born a couple weeks ago, we ended up digging it out of the closet and giving it a try again. We were fortunate it still worked because I really didn’t want to go out and buy another set.

Over the time I have used this set, I have found some things I liked about it and some things I hate about it.

The reason we ended up buying the Fisher Price Baby Monitor in the first place was the fact it came with a dual receiver set. This is important because I usually get out of bed before my wife does and it allows me to turn off the receiver in the bedroom and turn on the one in the living room so I can hear the baby and she can sleep in. Most sets come like that now. But, at the time we purchased it, that wasn’t the case.

We usually elect to plug the receivers in whenever we are using them. But, they do come with the option to use a battery as well. This option is good for when we have to go into different rooms of the house for more than a minute or two because it means we can take the receiver with us. However, as we learned with our oldest daughter, the receivers do tend to drain the batteries very fast so this is only something that you can do for about an hour or two at a time.

The receivers are also small enough where we can place them in pretty much any corner of our house. This is common now as well. But, when we bought these, you would be surprised at the number of monitors you couldn’t say that about.

There are a couple of things I’m not a big fan of when it comes to these monitors.

First of all, the main unit amplifies everything that comes from our daughter’s room. When we first bought these, I thought it would turn out to be a good thing because it would guarantee we could hear our child when she was crying. But, as it turns out, it is more of a nuisance than anything. The reason I say this is the monitor ends up picking up every little sound and amplifies it to the point it sounds worse than it is. Our daughter is a bit of a noisy sleeper and the monitor ends up amplifying every little whimper or grunt to the point we think she’s awake when she’s not. This, in turn, means we end up checking on her more than we have to.

My other complaint about this product is the receivers tend to be a bit too sensitive. On one hand, this is a plus because it means I can place the receiver in just about any room of the house and be able to hear her without interference. However, it also means we occasionally pick up another baby over the monitor. There are two separate channels to choose from and this helps some. But, it doesn’t correct the problem completely and it really makes me wonder if there is someone out there listening to our conversations.

Even though there are some things I didn’t like about this particular brand of baby monitor, I will say the fact they it has lasted us through our second child now wins me over enough to recommend buying this product or another monitor from the Fisher Price brand. I can only hope Fisher Price’s newer monitors are as good as these were.