Royal Racist

As American television ram the royal wedding down the throats of 30 million African Americans in the states. It is clear that the royals are racist. Their rules state that if you are not a white person. You cannot become a king or queen in their system. That clearly explains why no visible black person is seen in any video or photos as their way of life is explained. I mean you don’t see a black person anywhere. No matter how you view the film footage concerning the royals. There is no visible record of black folks. Are their any black folks in the United Kingdom? The monarch acts like a family in the hood. Their life style is much like the folks next door to me. Charles marries Diana. Charles then while married to Diana is still having a affair with his love Camilla. In turn Camilla is one of the factors that destroys the marriage of Diana and Charles. As the band plays on. Yet when the true story is told to the masses. There are those who try to block the story. But as the queen of the talk show world states. “The truth will set you free”. Some will say that one or two blacks got a ok to attend the royal marriage. So that would do away with the statement of the royals not being racist. I say that when you have a system where only one race of people can become king and queen. You are a racist.