Most people will claim that they are not racist and say that they have no problem with people who are of a different race, but when put to the test, that is not always true.

For the people claim not to be racist, they may not be when it’s regular people out on the street, but when someone from another race enters their household they begin to have problems. Most parents do not care if their children have friends who are not the same race. Some parents even think that it’s a good thing that their children have friends from different races, it shows that they themselves are not racist.

It’s different though when one of their children starts having a relationship with someone from a different race. I remember in fifth grade, I had a friend who was white and was “going out” with a kid who black. And remember this was fifth grade, when two people go out for two weeks and then find someone new. My friends mother had never had a problem with people different than her, she didn’t care that some of our friends weren’t white. My friend knew though, she kept this hidden from her mother and it accidentally slipped out at her birthday party. Her mother was furious. She started talking about how this was going to ruin her reputation (fifth grade still) and how people weren’t going to like her because she had been going out with a boy who was black for three days. This was a long time ago, but I still remember it so well because I was absolutely shocked! My parents were never like that and I couldn’t believe that there were actually people who were like this.

Recently, I overheard a conversation about a man whose daughter (who was a freshman in college) was white and was dating a boy who was black. This man said that he was not racist and had absolutely no problem with black people but then turned around and said that he did not want this boy dating his daughter simply because he was black. My first thought was that this man must be delusional because you cannot be halfway racist. You cannot say you have no problem with people from another race and then get angry and disapprove when your white daughter begins dating a black boy. I listened to this man in complete and utter shock once again.

I truly did not believe that there were still people like this. I understand that there will always be people like that, but I never thought that I would meet any of them, or that they would be so close to me. This man denied that he was racist, because no one is supposed to be racist. Everyone is supposed to get along with everyone no matter what color their skin is. He thought that just because he did not have a problem with people from different races in general, that having a problem with his daughter dating this boy just because he was black, did not make him racist.

I honestly don’t understand thinking like they do, though, maybe that’s why I never thought these people would be so close to me. It just seems so ridiculous to have a problem with someone because of the color of their skin. To me, it’s like not letting your kid use the blue crayon because you don’t like it’s color. It just makes absolutely no sense.