Should Adoption Be Race-Based

Does it matter what color a child is when it comes to adoption? In a world with so many children needing love and a healthy home why should race be an issue when it comes to adopting a child. White people shouldn’t adopt black children, blacks shouldn’t adopt white children, Asians shouldn’t adopt Latin babies and so on and so on. Who would have imagined that Sandra Bullock’s revelation about her new son would bring about so much controversy.

Bullock adopted a child who is African American and an American citizen, and amazingly people still find things to complain about; celebrities adopting babies from other contries has been a touchy subject for many. As a society shouldn’t we be focused on the importance of finding loving parents and safe homes for these children who have no family to raise them.

Adopting a child of any age, race, color or from any contry is taking action and helping homeless children that might otherwise spend their lives in shelters and foster care, never knowing the love, compassion, security or sense of belonging that comes from being a part of a family.

People come in so many different sizes, shapes and colors. Everything about the human being is unique; the eye shape, the nose, the mouth, smile, height, weight, complextion, skin texture, shoe size, some are bowl-legged while others are pigeon toed. The bottom line, we are the human race.

When it comes to adoption it should not matter what color a child is or what contry it was born in, the only thing that should matter is the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child who has no family. Focus on the wonderful opportunity to give an innocent child a home and the love that they desperately need and deserve.

Sandra Bullock and any other celebrity or individual who has or is considering adopting a child should be praised and admired for caring enough not to reject a child because it is not the “right” color. Babies and children are human beings if you let love and compassion fill your heart you may find that you too are capable of being color-blind.