Stopping Bed Bugs Using Diatomacious Earth

Bed bugs are nasty and there seems to be no way to stop them except by using dangerous chemicals. Since bed bugs are just that bugs that hide in sheets and blankets and other material they are hard to deal with. Using heavy sprays or chemicals where we sleep could be a way to ensure bed bugs are killed but this could also make us sick as well.

Diatomaceous Earth is a natural product that may help with out killing us. This product can be found in most garden stores and is easy to use. It works by drying out the bugs exo-skeletons this in turn kills them. Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock that is easily crumbled.

This material can be put into a dusting bulb and placed around the bedroom or other infested area. Place around the edge of the room and cracks crevices or any other area that one might suspect bug problems.

This is a safe way to deal with bed bugs and is a good alternative to spraying. This works much slower than most chemicals and is dependent on how dry the area being treated is. A humid or moist area can slow down the process. This powder is based on drying the bugs from the outside and a moist area will definitely slow down the process.

The United States has all but eradicated bed bugs until recent years. Bed bugs were a thing of the past. Now with international travel and immigrants from other nations coming here this is a problem that is on the rise again.

In the old days we would have used Diazinon once on an infestation and the bed bugs and other creatures would have been no more. Today with modern technological advances in the extermination world eradicating this problem by conventional means is hopeless.

Apparently exterminators want to sell long term contracts and are no longer interested in eradicating the problem. Bed bugs are vicious and can cause all kinds of phobias. Our sleep chambers are scary enough with out adding to the dilemma of insomnia.

The best way to stop bed bugs is prevention treat the room before hand and the problem is solved. Treat the room with of Diatomaceous Earth before there is a problem. Do this at least once a year and not only will bed bugs be gone but the room will be spider and roach free as well.